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Ramsay Logistics Turns Museum of Failure Into a Success

The museum of failure, a worldwide touring exhibit made up of failed products and services, was scheduled to make its debut for the first time on Canadian soil this past June. 

The day before it was to be delivered, they ran into problems with customs clearance. 

With a crew already booked and waiting to put the exhibit together, it was quickly turning to turmoil for this infamous collection of flawed products. 

Insert – Ramsay Customs and Logistics

After receiving a call at noon with a request for a temporary import of the entire museum, we dropped everything to get this job done. 

We put together a bond package with documentation and drove immediately to Customs. 

Typically, Customs is not supposed to process at the window, but rather has a bin to leave the bond packages in for a “4 hour processing” period. This time period is still a long shot and does not include temporary bonds… exactly what we were needing cleared. 

This meant our best hope was having the museum released sometime later the next day, but most likely we were looking at 3-4 days until release. 

Luckily, for the Museum of Failure they chose a successful Customs Broker!

With the many pet clearances we perform, we had a Customs officer recognize us and wave us over to his window. After explaining our situation and asking for assistance, he processed our request and even went into the back to get more information to help speed up the process.

In less than 4 hours we were able to have this request cleared. 

A success not only for the Museum of Failure, but also for Ramsay Customs and Logistics team as the fastest temporary import to ever be released! 

Customs clearance is a tricky and slippery slope that if not handled correctly can result in processing delays, major fines, and penalties. With the Ramsay team by your side, we can assure you that we always have your best interests in mind and go above and beyond to fulfill our customers’ needs. 

Contact us today to get started on the Customs Clearance process!