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Canada U.S. Border closed

How will this affect your freight?

The Canadian / U.S. border will soon be closing for all non-essential traffic, with essential goods and trucking still open to cross.

While it is unlikely that the borders will shut down completely, this is new ground for the global economy, and anything is possible

Here are 6 short tips to keep your business running if cross border shipping is necessary

  1. Don’t book too far in advance. The current situation is a first for the Global economy and nothing should be off the table. While trade is being allowed this could change at any time if the spread escalates.
  2. Check Transit times. Often lower cost shipping methods come at a cost of very long shipping transit times. While this is nice for your wallet, you are at a greater risk of delays or not receiving your goods under a full closure.
  3. Have a good relationship with your service provider. The trend has been to give advance notice to escalate reductions in service. If this happens knowing who to call can make the difference between your shipment getting through and another shipment not.
  4. Use Canadian drivers. A full border closure is unlikely to stop Canadians returning home, requesting a Canadian driver could keep your goods moving.
  5. Use a Customs broker. Customs Brokers can submit for customs clearance electronically, with no need for venturing out into public and increasing your risk of exposure. A customs broker can also provide clearance at any border in Canada.
  6. Call Ramsay Customs & Logistics for a free consult or if you are in need or urgent service.