Travelling to the U.S. for business? Don’t get Banned!

If you travel to the U.S. for business, you could be at risk of being barred entry and receiving a 5 year or permanent lifetime ban. This could affect both your business as well as future vacation opportunities.

  If you are like most others that travel to the U.S., your plans consist of booking a flight, hotel, bringing your passport, and showing up to the airport on time. But if you are travelling on business, you should first be researching whether there are further requirements to enter the U.S. for the type of business you are transacting.

  Policy memorandums issued by President Trump in both 2017 and 2019, have called for a rapid expansion in expedited removals, the tool that U.S. border agents use to refuse entry and assess entry bans.

  This means that even if you have traveled to the U.S. in past years without needing approval or having documented business plans for the border agents, you could be in for a surprise. Even if your trip does not require any documentation, being prepared could mean the difference between being under suspicion and a smooth entry process.

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