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Here’s Why Your Canadian Holiday Shipping is Taking Longer Than Expected

Holiday Shipping

The B.C. floods have warped supply chains around the world – causing product shortages and pushing up prices. How have the disruptions affected Canadian industries and consumers? Here’s what you need to know

Most recently: The Vancouver Port has been in complete disarray – flooding, roads cut off. We’re still not back to normal but they have been able to open one minor highway. 

Ramsay Customs and Logistics has been working with carriers to travel to the United States and back to Canada as well as helping others in the industry that are in a bad situation. 

We’re not exactly sure on the timeline of everything clearing up. The ports have been backed up and we’re unsure how they will catch up before the holidays. Ships are being rerouted to different ports or they’re staying anchored at the port. Air freight has been our saving grace to try and help ease the situation.

Although we can’t change the circumstances, we promise all of our customers here at Ramsay Customs and Logistics that we are doing everything we can to prepare you all during these tough times.

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